Purpose, Strategy and Culture

We are an R&D company with the purpose to unite science, technology, and culture to get ahead of disease together and brought to life with motion.

We all focus on innovation performance and trust with an iconic brand OCLG. For a future that unites, science technology, and talent brought to life with motion and crafted with precision and warmth.

It’s a signal of change and our ambition to discover new products and technologies to protect and treat more people to impact the lives of billions to get ahead of the disease. It is reflected in new commitments to growth and a step-change in performance.

Our Strategy

We prioritize innovation in R&D technology, maximizing the increasing opportunities to prevent and treat disease. Our R&D focused science and technology are the heart of our commitments. With the technology of biosensor and biomarker, we all focus on five therapeutic areas: myocardial Infarction Diagnostics, Genetic tests, Biosensor technology, Correcting DNA, and Pharmaceuticals.

We will expend our device spectrum to more detect the disease in easy way.

Are you Dedicated, Hardworking, and Fun? Join Us!

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